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Israel Rethinks Security Barrier

The 440-mile network of fences, walls and trenches cuts deep into the West Bank in some places to include Jewish settlements, isolating tens of thousands of Palestinians. The structure is one

iPhone XS vs. Note 9: What a $1,000 phone buys you

For 512GB of internal storage, the Galaxy Note 9 costs $1,250. The iPhone XS: $1,349, which is $100 more. The Galaxy Note 9 also comes with a microSD card slot that takes up to 512GB in external

Dell XPS 11 review: Dell's hybrid takes a Yoga-like turn

The Good The Dell XPS 11 is a slim, light hybrid that looks and feels great, and offers decent performance and battery life. The Bad The touch-style keyboard, lacking actual keys, is an experiment

Bad credit? Tips on how you can finance a new car

Watch the total loan cost. In any loan you are offered, be sure you see the Annualized Percentage Rate or APR. "The APR measures the total cost of credit and is a very important number to focus on

Home Builder Pro Calcs for iOS

Now with 440 home improvement calculations and unit conversions Home Builder Pro Calcs gives you access to quickly and easily solve a variety of calculations including hours and cost estimates and

Top 10 cheapest U.S. cities to rent an apartment

The median cost to rent an apartment in Arlington is $713 per month. Top 10 cheapest U.S. cities to rent an apartment. 6. Memphis, Tenn. tie A mecca for music lovers, particularly Elvis fans

Alienware 17 R4, 2017 review: A battle-hardened but not

Some Best Buy stores have stations set up where you can try it before you buy if you're on the fence. You don't have to use it if it comes on your system, though, and it only costs extra when

Google Pixel 2 XL review: A promising phone with new

Phones Pixel 2 XL is a promising phone with new caveats. The Pixel 2 XL serves up an exceptional camera and Google Lens in a bigger package, but the display leaves some bristling.

Google Pixel 2 XL review: Promising phone with new caveats

If you're on the fence, the Pixel 2 XL's quick OS updates make it the Android phone most like the iPhone. Google Pixel 2 XL spec comparison Google Pixel 2 XL

2019 Porsche Cayenne First Take: Making ugly go fast

One step up the ladder comes the Cayenne S with a twin turbo, 2.9-liter V6 good for 440 horsepower and 406 torques. Topping out the range for now is the Cayenne Turbo, which packs a 4.0-liter

Now is the best time to buy a new iPhone, Galaxy S9, Note

For most people, price is the most important factor of all, and in general, cost lines up with performance. Expensive handsets will have the "best" features, fastest processors and the most

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Hands-on with Samsungs iPhone X

The S9 and S9 Plus cost a little more than last year's models. Sarah Tew/CNET In the UK, you're looking at £739 for the S9 and £869 for the S9 Plus from Samsung's website.

iPhone X specs vs. Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2 XL, LG V30

If you're on the fence about the iPhone X's high price and Face ID feature to unlock the phone 2,960x1,440 pixels 6-inch; 2,880x1,440 pixels 6-inch; 2,880x1,440 pixels Pixel density 458 ppi

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