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Caffeine Is Latest Anti-Cellulite Weapon

Anti-cellulite cream doesn't remove the "orange-peel" cellulite appearance completely. But it's a temporary technique for cellulite reduction. It works by plumping up the skin, creating a smoother

Schools Battle Suicide Surge, Anti-Gay Bullying

NEW YORK CBS/AP Asher Brown was just 13 when he killed himself last month. So was Seth Walsh. Both were allegedly targets of anti-gay bullying. According to gay activists, so were recent suicide

Popularity Is Overrated

The nations of the Middle East and other Islamic countries, of course, poll anti-United States across the board, from Palestine to Morocco. And therein arise some interesting paradoxes. Kuwait

Athletes Debate Supplement Use

The debate heated up after the St. Louis Cardinal's star batter Mark McGwire defended his use of a supplement called androstenedione. The substance has been shown to briefly boost the body's

Wrinkles Be Gone

The first thing consumers need to understand, says Begoun, is that "anti-aging" is an oxymoron. About 90-95 percent of wrinkles are the result of cumulative sun damage, not aging, she says.

Transparency 2.0

Right Rail - Gallery Promo Dems flex political muscle with House majority A historic new Congress, with Democrats sharing power, is already challenging President Trump and his Republican supporters.

The disappearance of the nightmare Arab

Since 2001, Americans have been living with a nightmare Arab, a Muslim monster threatening us to the core, chilling our souls with the cry, "God is great " Yet after two months of world-historic

Living Better Longer

He is determined to push back the ravages of time by devoting himself to a so-called anti-aging regimen. "I suppose that deep down, there's a passion to live forever," he says. "Rationally I

A Sad Farewell To Tony Blair

The special relationship is, however, under threat, and stands in a precarious long-term position. There are major challenges on the horizon, including the stunning rise of anti-Americanism in

A Healthful Slice

A healthy slice of pizza contains fiber from whole grain bread, has tomatoes or tomato sauce, spinach, garlic and olive oil. Whole grains have anti-cancer agents that help you live longer

Protest Vote

Carl Van Clausewitz famously observed that "war is the continuation of politics by other means." But oftentimes, so is media criticism. It's not always a professional exercise as much as it is a

U.S. Stocks Reverse Higher On Fannie, Freddie News

The S and P 500 rose 2.62 points to 1,383.91, while the Nasdaq Composite gained 10.02 points to 2,355.01. Volume on the New York Stock Exchange surpassed 287 million, while 208 million shares traded

Internet Powerful Tool In Finding Kids

In the center's computer laboratory, former police composite artist Steve Loftin works on digitally aging the images of children who have been missing for several years.

Russia's deadliest new war machines

It has 360-degree radar, anti-jamming tech and an advanced weapons guidance system. New rotors will increase the helicopter's cruise speed to 600 kilometers per hour 370 mph .

Coming Soon: Immortality?

Right Rail - Video Promo - Listing Snow and TSA staffing strain to snarl travel The winter storm this weekend is likely to cause big headaches at airports across the country.

'Christ' Controversy Brews

Gibson, a fundamentalist Catholic, says his movie is literal from the Gospels, and that its goal is to inspire, not to offend. Cagle, who has seen the film, says it did not seem anti-Semitic to him.

King, Zionism, and the Cycle of Fear

If, however, we leave aside King's offhand comment about anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and consider instead his words about the horrors of American state violence and violence in general, which

The Inside Scoop

Right Rail - Video Promo - Listing Trump says he may call a national emergency Two hours of high-stakes talks Friday afternoon did not produce a breakthrough in the partial government shutdown.

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments That May Work

Anti-Aging Skin Treatments That May Work Updated on: August 20, 2008 / 11:00 AM / CBS You may be able to turn back the hands of time's impact on your skin, after all.

Beyonce A Beauty Trendsetter?

The new Perricone firming neck cream supposedly plumps the neck with peptides, an anti-aging ingredient commonly used in face creams. It's non-irritating and has vitamin C, which is good for

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