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New home, want to get built in fridge, but existing cutout

Read the New home, want to get built in fridge, but existing cutout doesn't fit. What to do now? discussion from the Chowhound Cookware food community. Join the discussion today.

Everything You Need to Know About Mocktails

His ingredients are in many of our kitchen cabinets. You can use something as tannin-heavy as a green tea, or the GM of Bostons menu-free cocktail lounge, Drink, says making an outstanding mocktail is about finding a good balance. An unexpected ingredient helps. I like to put a little bit of salt in a cocktail, to round out sweetness. Think about using soda water, which has a

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

Use the out of sight, out of mind rule. Have a relative with a sweet tooth who refuses to live in a cookie-free home? A simple thing to do is keep unhealthy foods out of view, says registered dietitian Megan Denos, R.D.N.

Anyone buy used kitchen stuff?

Anyone buy used kitchen stuff? r Over the years I have had the fun and good fortune of finding the best of the best quality kitchen "stuff" from cookware, gadgets,vintage utensils, you name it at garage sales, thrift shops, crslist and I even found a long oval antique griddle perched on top of a garbage can on trash day

How to Pair Savory Toppings with Ice Cream

Lets start with a basic topping, one that you probably have sitting in your kitchen cabinets alreadypretzels. Theyre a great way to add a salty crunch to any sundae. Pretzels work particularly well with salted caramel, chocolate, and/or peanut butter ice cream as they give the sweetness

Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

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IKEA Kitchen Planner

Planning your kitchen is when your dreams and ideas take shape. There are lots of things to think about, like where to put the fridge or how many ders you

Where do you keep the Kitchen Aid mixer ?

I am re-organizing the kitchen and have received a Kitchen Aid mixer, which weighs a ton. I am not crazy about having a permanent parking space for it on our limited countertop space. As an alternative, I am considering parking it on a roll-out der in the pantry but it's so damn heavy I'm afraid

Have I ruined my kitchen cabinets?

Read the Have I ruined my kitchen cabinets? discussion from the Chowhound Not About Food food community. Join the discussion today.

Schuler cabinets from Seven Trusts or Medallion cabinets

We are about to start a kitchen renovation project and found some Schuler cabinets at Seven Trust's that are in our price range. They are the Seven Trust's version of Medallion cabinets.

Top bronze kitchen canisters deals at mySimon Find

Wayfair. Color Bronze Seville Classics FZV1204 Create more storage space and keep your kitchen clutter free with the Seville Classics Perforated Expandable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf

How CLEAN is your kitchen exhaust system

The remainder of this cabinets is not showing the oily film once we get past the 2nd-3rd cabinet. Is a proper hood install supposed to literally keep the kitchen *oil free*. Bear in mind, and yes, the screename should show, but we probably do our fair share of stir fry as opposed to using the oven.

New kitchen

Ontario inc. Toronto they all bumped into the cabinets on the back side of the cabinet below the cooktop . So I skipped it and installed a standard cooktop. Never really noticed the lack of a hood. I cook a lot, but do not fry. When we completely redid our kitchen, the cooktop was in a new place, and it wasn't feasible to put in a vented hood big structural beams in the way . So I put

pros and cons of a pro gas range in a kitchen island

Ontario inc. Toronto They will need to run that through your floor or in your cabinets, the same for plumbing. Only the vent line is going to be 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Another friend with a very large kitchen has a large island with a range top and it initially had a ceiling vent because they didn't want the obstruction of a vent hood on the island. This arrangement, according to our

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