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modern and low cost fencing panels

Kitchen Appliances: How Long Do They Last?

But I still need to either fix my appliance -- which will cost me a couple hundred dollars -- or buy a new one, which could run as high as $900. I recently decided to update my kitchen.

General Motors Cuts Its Ad Budget

However, the cost-cutting probably means more to fret about for those on the other side of advertising's digital divide, according to John Grudnowski, VP of modern media at the space150

When presidents get primary challenges

In an effort to avoid such spectacles in the future, Democrats helped usher in the modern primary system, which allowed voters as opposed to party bosses to select the party's nominee.

Prefabulous and Sustainable

And for the budget-conscious among us, they're a very modern, 21st century way to get a whole lot more house for your money. I asked Sheri to answer a series of questions about prefab homes.

White House Press Room To Reopen

On the rare occasions when the president makes an announcement or holds a news conference there, the backdrop will change to a more formal look.

Why the U.S. is vulnerable to a recession

Survey finds CEOs losing confidence in global economy. As bad news rolls in from overseas and the domestic stock market swoons, you hear a lot of rationales for why the U.S. will be spared.

This Old House

At the workshop, we see now, low-cost, breathable building wrap, then watch as the crew installs one of the new skylights. Then a roll-forming machine spits out metal roof panels for the building

Top 10 Cities for Single Women

Plenty of sunshine, a low cost of living and the knowledge that 30 percent of the town's men are single come together to make Phoenix the top spot for the unattached woman, according to Rent.com

Leaving the Euro: What Would It Cost?

That's just as well, it concludes, because as expensive as the continuing bailouts and belt tightenings may be, the cost of dropping the euro for weak countries would be higher.

Paris riots force France President Emmanuel Macron to

Protestors we spoke to had a whole array of complaints, but chiefly they have to do with low wages, high tax rates, and a general distrust of this government. Many are now calling for Macron to

Barn door

Barn door. Percent increase over expected values: 13.4. Days sold faster than expected: 57. These rustic sliding doors most commonly popped up in listings around Phoenix, according to Zillow.

Venezuela bandits kill horses for meat at veterinary

But in a new low, bandits have turned their attention to slaughtering horses and cattle vital to training the South American nation's next generation of veterinarians.

Poor defendants say they face modern-day debtors' prison

The Sherwood District Court generated $12 million in revenue in the last five years, with the money coming from the court accounting for nearly 12 percent of the citys budget, Clarke said.

The Best Predictor of Future Fund Performance

Again, the low-cost decile led the way, outpacing the high-cost decile by more than one percent annually. But the funds in the low-cost decile were also less risky, with a standard deviation that

DNA of every baby born in California is stored. Who has

The standard panel nationwide is around 30 disorders. But researchers with the California Genetic Disease Screening Program aren't the only ones with access to samples stored in the biobank.

Cypress' T.J. Rodgers on solar, politics, and capitalism

They've got a country behind them and they do super low cost manufacturing. They're good. They make medium efficiency cells, say 15 percent. But they make stuff real cheap. And it's real panels

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