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Hello, Im about to build my timber pergola with the base going to be concrete. Im not sure if i should first concrete the pergola posts into the ground and then get the conrete ground poured or should Pergola Footing. Hello, Im about to build my timber pergola with the base going to be concrete. Im not sure if i should first concrete the

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The pergola's structure relies on 3- 6"x6" wood columns where branched off of these is the top structure which cantilevers over. Now the question is for an outdoor structure like this do i need to follow normal footing show more hi, i'm designing a pergola on LI where the frost line is 48". The pergola's structure relies on 3- 6"x6" wood

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Help with Footing Sizes Please. Hi. Firstly, congratulations on a great forum. I'm a DIY numpty who is now My current problem is that I'm not sure what are the correct footing size s for my build. I am fairly confident that this is adequate for the deck alone but is it adequate given the inclusion of the pergola and my desired option

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Nevertheless, this is the best way to construct a sturdy pergola footing. Since your pergola footing is cemented down, it is certain that the pillars of your pergola will be able to remain for a longer period. When selecting the way that you would like your pergola footing to be built, dont simply consider the duration that it will consume.

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Use this deck beam and footing calculator to determine what size beam you need based on your support post spacing and joist size.Also find the result of the proper concrete footing diameter based on the soil type and tributary deck area.


A concrete footing should be 100mm deep by 300mm wide if the footing is for a free standing wall. The footing should be increased to Pergola and Fence Posts Excavate a hole for your post and ensure that there is a clearance of 50 to 80mm between your post and the hole sides. For posts which will be

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Instead, remove some stones, dig footings and weave the patio parts around the posts. To anchor to a concrete slab or footing, use post anchors like Simpson Strong-Tie's ABA66--these raise the

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Footing: A concrete anchor which holds the pergola to the Earth. They need to be deeper than the frost line, but also large enough and deep enough to hold the pergola to the Earth during a strong wind. This pricing chart shows standard sizes for pergolas along with standard sizes and prices for shade systems. Select your pergola by size

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Pergola and Arbor Footings for hard and soft soil. The GroundPlug Easy Mounting System TM offers the right pergola and arbor footing for both hard and soft soil. Just refer to the GroundPlug Twister TM Chart to find the appropriate product for your landscaping project.

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Pergola size. Tags: Post and footing requirements. A pergola of a larger size will require more support and that means more posts. The weight of the beams, joists and any cladding will all be resting on the posts so your site must have adequate clearance for support. The posts must be able to be dug in with adequately planned foundations

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How you attach, or do not attach a building to a footing opens up a BIG can of worms so if you are going to make traditional assumptions about 4" of 3000 psi concrete sitting on a 6" gravel base sitting on who knows what subgrade then the pergola at some time WILL move and moisture WILL rot the ends of the support posts.

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A Guide To Footings and Foundations Design Extracts for Decks, Pergolas and Fencing. CONSTRUCTION GUIDES Contents A Guide To Footings And Foundations The object of footings for timber pergolas, decks and other garden structures is to transfer the load of the structure directly to the foundations. The footings

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