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Attaching a Deck Ledger Board to Engineered Floor Joists

Attaching a Deck Ledger Board to Engineered Floor Joists Floor truss systems are very different from conventional floor framing materials. Like a roof truss, floor trusses are created through joining standard lumber, typically 2x3 or 2x4, with metal connectors.

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Properly installing joists is crucial when building your deck. Joists are the support beams that the decking attaches to. The easiest way of building this is installing the rim joists, which are the frame of your deck, and then installing the joists in the middle. Be sure to use joist hangers when attaching the joists to the ledger and beam.

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Building a Deck How to Install Joist Hangers. Well show you a four-step method for installing joist hangers that will ensure that your floor or deck stays flat and strongand meets the requirements of your building inspector and the joist hanger manufacturer. Nail to the ledger first. Fasten the joist hangers to wall ledgers

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Anchor deck joists to the ledger with joist hangers, filling each hole with galvanized joist hanger nails rated for pressure-treated wood. Predrill and sink 1/2-in. dia., galvanized or stainless steel lag screws in every other joist space, alternating up and down positions to keep the ledger from splitting.

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The American Wood Council's "Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide" DCA6 contains a prescriptive ledger-fastening table Table 5 , similar to the one in the IRC, that includes spacing requirements for attaching a deck ledger to 1- or 1 1/8-inch engineered-wood rim boards with 1/2-inch lag screws and 1/2-inch through-bolts.

Attaching the Ledger Board Deck Building Project

Attaching a Ledger Board to Your House. you allow 1.5 for the sill plate you can then add the width of the floor joist to figure out where the top of the floor deck begins. A 2x10 joist is usually about 9 ¼. If you are not sure, go into your basement and measure the joist.

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Use the 1-1/4" spacer board to position the siding at the correct height, and drive nails to fasten it. Lay out the joists on the ledger as shown here. Then, come back to this article to finish attaching the ledger. Attaching a Deck Ledger Board to Engineered Floor Joists Removing the Siding for the Ledger Board Deck Ledger Spacers

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Engineered I-joist floor systems complicate deck ledger attachment because there is such a variety of rim materials out there on houses. The first of many challenges in mounting a ledger to an engineered floor system is determining what the rim board material is.

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When attaching a ledger board to the side of a wood framed house, the ledger board is either through-bolted or lag-bolted onto the house's band joist. Of course, there are special situations. Sometimes the floor in the house is sunken or made out of engineered I-beams.

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Since joists carry the load of the floor, they must be securely attached at either end to a ledger board or a beam, and must be level in all planes. Also, joists should have no warps, twists or bows.

Can I attach a deck ledger to 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" Trus Joist

Yes, a deck ledger can be attached to the TJI floor system that contains either 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" or thicker Trus Joist rim board. Below are details taken from our TJI floor system specifier's guide that provides allowable lag and through bolt values for both rim board thickness to support vertical load from a deck.

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My contractor wants to attach the deck ledger for an supported elevated deck to the end grain of floor joists. Every other floor joist used to extend out 4 feet to support a cantilevered walkway. Attaching deck ledger . Building post in doubles an attaching them to one another it will give deck support corners will have three post.This

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attaching deck ledger to house TJI post 94083 jacobuilt on Mon, 12/08/2003 I was concerned about attaching the deck ledger to the TJI. He stated that I shouldpack the web of the floor joist with 1/2 or 3/4 osb and that would be sufficient. My concern is a bit late, being that the house is dry and Ill be putting the deck together this week.

Details on Attaching Deck Ledgers to Engineered Rim Joists

Details on Attaching Deck Ledgers to Engineered Rim Joists. Building Codes This report provides details for attaching a 2" nominal lumber deck ledger to residential floor systems constructed with metal plate connected wood MPCW floor trusses. To ensure that the rim joist itself is well secured to the floor framing at least where

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LedgerLOK is a code-compliant structural wood screw engineered to fasten a deck ledger board to the rim joist of a house with no predrilling. LedgerLOK replaces lag screws and through-bolts, has been coated with a proprietary three-step coating process that protects against corrosion even in pressure treated wood and is ACQ approved.

How to attach a deck ledger board to a house with no rim joist

We are building a deck, and the whole time so far we have been planning on attaching the deck to the house via a ledger board. After stripping the siding and insulation foam board, we discovered that all that remains is 7/8" sheathing attached to the ends of the floor joists I-beam shaped, spaced a little more than 19" on center .

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