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Wolfsbane Character

X-Force was disbanded after Messiah Complex, but Cyclops secretly re-formed the team to take out the Purifiers, permanently which meant he wanted X-Force to kill them. Rahne yet again was a member

Pitchford opens up on Gearbox, Borderlands a '3-million

Borderlands went from being marked for death by analysts to a "3-million-unit game." When the NPD Group's 2009 US sales numbers were in, Borderlands was the top new IP in the US.

Mr. Terrific Character

Mr. Terrific New Earth Michael Holt was created as a grounded, street hero in his introduction in the Spectre. His costume consisted largely of normal clothes, and he relied on his own wits and

IRL's Schmidt Still Paralyzed

Schmidt, who got his only career victory last year in his hometown, was injured when his Treadway Racing G Force-Aurora spun and hit the retaining wall at Walt Disney World Speedway, where the IRL

Kerra Holt Respect Thread

Force persuasion was a discipline almost every Force-user learned, even if she loathed using it. Source: Knight Errant Kerra uses a Mind Trick on a Celegian, a psychic species, on Byllura.

How terror attacks affect the markets

The human toll of terrorism is beyond calculation, but unless you're a day trader, the impact on stocks is negligible. So says Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Asset Management Group

Walter C. Dornez Character

Walter C. Donez is the personal butler of Integra Hellsing, retainer for the Hellsing organization and also one of their greatest weapons.

Governors urge Congress to expand state flexibility in

With health care s increasing, a bipartisan group of governors are asking Congress to give them greater control and flexibility into how their states implement the Affordable Care Act ACA

Hard choices for Europe's telcos

Mobile Hard choices for Europe's telcos. Two years ago, the fate of the continent's telecom companies seemed to depend on their willingness to enter new markets and acquire expensive assets.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Walkthrough

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Walkthrough This comprehensive guide includes a complete walkthrough along with information about all the quests, monsters, laws, jobs, treasure hunts, and items in

Financial Reform Scorecard: Volcker Rule is In, Credit

Cage match Democratic and Republican lawmakers are squaring off to meld the House and Senate financial reform bills into a single piece of legislation. To help you keep track of all the action

Measuring Marketing Performance

Marketing is a necessary investment for generating and maintaining profit, rather than just an expense. Finding, getting, and retaining business costs money. As a result, marketing executives need

Full transcript of "Face the Nation" on January 20, 2019

It is those forces that allow the force of the Syrian Democratic Forces with sixty thousand Syrians that we have helped build and enable. They allow that force to be effective. If you simply pull

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