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Splish Splash Salvage: Another lazily-copied tutorial minigame, this one has you swimming around collecting coins this time. You'd have to be rather screwed in the head to have any trouble with this one, although the swimming controls are somewhat stiff.

Sell This House

The house had cathedral ceilings and French doors that led to a deck where with a backyard mini-pool. But the house had been on the market for over two months. The hidden cameras revealed the

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Note that there are several Sirens swimming around the area who are likely to attack a crossbow bolt with kill them instantly, so make sure you keep it equipped. Whilst underwater, activate your Witcher Sense and locate the body just to the east of the small island.

We Watched It For You: Syfy's Sharknado

- So then a swimming pool exploded. I know why but it's a secret. I know why but it's a secret. - And then, like a symbolic recreation of the birth of all mankind, Ian Ziering erupted from the

Super Mario 64 DS FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by DBM11085

Swimming around in the shallow area before the ship, you'll find clams underwater. Swim close to make them open their shells. 3 of them have red coins inside. 2. See 1. 3. See 1. 4. A red coin is found atop the pillar next to the ledge where the Bob-omb will prepare the cannon for you if you haven't already. Go to the cannon and aim just a bit above the pole and you should make it. 5

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Running/Swimming will increase Athletics naturally during travels, a skill that does not increase in the other methods. Secondly: horseback. Horses can be bought at stables around major cities, and one Shadowmere is obtained as a reward in one of the more sinister guilds. The upside to horses is the speed of travel -- it's way faster than walking, at least for medium-speed characters. The

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine FAQ/Walkthrough for

Go to the pool on the right and collect the Anti Venom Kit, then head into the pool on the left and dive down for a treasure 1 . Climb out and pull the block nearby toward the wall, then go around to the other side and push it. Go to right side of the block and pull it. Climb up on it and grab the ledge above you and climb up. Take out your whip and swing across via the pole hanging up there

Syberia 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4 by ralebeau

With all three lenses return to the swimming pool. If not already done so climb to the bottom of the pool and look at the design on the end, take note of the color and position of the seven lights and return to the top of the diving platform for the final temple puzzle. With the view of the three hole at the end of the platform open inventory for the three locations to go active, each lens

LEGO Marvel's Avengers FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 4

Agent Coulson needs the deck to be prepped for landing. Using Widow move forward and a worker will be upset at all the oil stains on the deck. Jump from platform to platform to reach the highest one in the oil drenched area. Here we can use Widow's scanning device to reveal two targets. Destroy both targets by aiming at them Hold Square . A elevator lowers. Jump on it and destroy the crates

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